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Endoscopy Center


Hudson Valley Endoscopy Center

We are AAAHC certified.

We are certified by CMS.

We are certified by The Centers of Medicare.


We are pleased you have chosen Hudson Valley Endoscopy Center (HVEC).

HVEC is specifically designed to perform endoscopy procedures which do not require an overnight stay. Your care will be provided by our trained personnel. Because we perform only same day procedures, we can provide services that focus specifically on your GI needs. Our State Approved facility and our staff are dedicated to creating a warm, personalized environment using the most advanced diagnostic technology in the region for you and your family. HVEC will make every effort to assure your visit with us is pleasant and comfortable.



About the Practice

The Hudson Valley Endoscopy Center (HVEC) is an outpatient endoscopy center. The Endoscopy Center is an outpatient facility that provides both comfort and convenience to patients needing GI procedures. In our facility, patients coming in to have procedures done tend to experience less hassle and shorter waiting times than those patients using a hospital setting. Hospital outpatient departments cannot always provide the focused attention as they are trying to accomplish many things at one time. The gastroenterologists of Northern Medical Group strive to do one thing and to do it well.

HVEC was the first healthcare facility in the Mid-Hudson Valley to bring narrow band imaging (NBI) to the region. NBI helps in detection of flat polyps. Our Cancerous polyp, Adenoma, detection rate is higher than the national average.

We understand that your time is precious, so we try to keep your turnaround time between 1-2 hours for procedures done at the Endoscopy Center. Contrast that to the average time spent in hospital, for the same procedure, which can be up to 4 hours. In addition, to ensure faster results we employ full-time pathologists whose job is to focus solely on gastroenterology and to provide the highest level of care for our patients. These pathologists work to try and complete your pathology within 48 hours of a procedure and the results and procedure notes are sent to your primary care doctor within 2-3 days.

The Endoscopy Center monitors physician quality indicators such as polyp detection rates, withdrawal times and complications time and uses the results to ensure a level of care that is better than national standard. Many hospitals do not monitor these results and have no oversight into the quality of their services.





Registering for your procedure at HVEC is a two-step process beginning 2 prior days of your procedure appointment.

Step 1:

  • Please go to to pre-register for your procedure.
  • Click “Patients Start Here”
  • Enter: HVEC845NEW
  • Now complete medical history form.

Completing the medical history form is very important for all doctors involved in your care on the day of your procedure.

Step 2:

  • Complete the entire packet given to you by your doctor’s office.
  • All forms must be completed prior to your arrival to the office; otherwise, you will be asked to complete the forms before you can be checked in for your procedure.

If your forms are not completed or if you fail to bring the forms with you, your procedure can be delayed.


Insurance & Charges

Verification of benefits is not a guarantee of payment by your insurance company. Your financial responsibility may change, and you may receive a bill for the balance once your insurance company processes your claim.

In addition, you will receive four (4) SEPARATE charges relate to your procedure at HVEC:

  1. Physician Fee: Billed by Northern Medical Group
  2. Anesthesia Fee: Billed by Northern Medical Group
  3. Pathology Fee: Billed by Northern Medical Group (if tissue samples are taken during your procedure).
  4. Facility fee: Billed by Hudson Valley Endoscopy Center

Our billing office will contact your insurance provider in order to verify your coverage. We recommend that you also contact your insurance provider so that you are familiar with your coverage and your copay responsibilities prior to your procedure date. If you have any questions, please call our billing office at (845) 896-3636, x-2273.

Cancellation Policy

At Hudson Valley Endoscopy Center (HVEC), we take pride in appropriately scheduling your procedure for a date and time that is convenient for you.  Your procedure at the Endoscopy Center requires resources, planning and coordination between your doctor’s office and the Endoscopy Center.  This includes scheduling your physician time, coordinating and setting time aside with the Anesthesiologist, setting aside the procedure room and coordinating the pathology staff (as needed).   Also, special instruments are set aside for your procedure which require preparation and sterilization for your procedure.  Please understand a lot of time and valuable resources are allocated to your procedure from the moment your procedure is scheduled at HVEC.  So, we trust you will understand the importance of respecting our Cancellation Policy which is outlined here.

  1. We require at least three (3) business days prior notice to cancel your procedure without charge.
  2. Cancelling your procedure two (2) days prior to your procedure will result in a $100.00 charge.
  3. Cancelling your procedure one (1) days prior to your procedure will result in a $200.00 charge.
  4. Cancelling your procedure on the day of the procedure or No Show for your procedure will result in a $300.00 charge. The fee covers partial expenses such as; time set aside by your physician, anesthesiologist, nursing staff, other staff members, and for equipment sterilization and supplies which would have been utilized for your procedure.

Call your doctor’s office (845) 452-9800 to cancel your procedure.


Things to Remember


  • Bring Driver’s license or a picture ID
  • Bring Insurance card(s)
  • Bring your Medical history forms provided by your doctor’s office
  • Bring list of current medications
  • Bring Glasses for reading, if necessary.
  • Bring Name and phone number for the person picking you up after your procedure. The Center WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO TAKE TAXICAB. You CANNOT DRIVE YOURSELF HOME after the procedure for which you will be receiving anesthetic medications.


  • DO NOT eat food or drink at least 8 hours before your procedure. If you do, your procedure can be delayed or be cancelled. Patients scheduled for colonoscopy have to complete their prep 4 hours prior to the procedure and all patients are advised to take medication with ‘sip’ of water prior to the procedure.
  • Do not wear jewelry or bring valuables to the center.
  • Make sure your paperwork is COMPLETED prior to your arrival.
  • Arrive ONE (1) HOUR early to ensure your procedure begins on time.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your preparation, call the doctor's office (845) 452-9800.
  • If you have questions or concerns either before or following your procedure please feel free to contact the Endoscopy Center at 845-896-3636 about your procedure.



  • Medication Restrictions – bring on day of procedure
  • Patient Medical History Forms – bring on day o procedure
  • Patient consent to Resuscitative Measures Form (Advance Directive) - bring on day of procedure
  • Procedure Preparation Instructions
  • Notice of Patient Rights and Physician Ownership
  • Notice to Patients regarding Anesthesia Services and Fees if applicable
  • Notice to Patient regarding billing, coverage and benefits
  • Cancellation policy

TRANSLATOR –if you are unable to speak or read English, we encourage you to bring someone with you that can translate, so that we can effectively communicate instructions regarding the procedure.



Please note that the Endoscopy Center is in a different Suite, Suite 202 than the doctor’s office, in the Fishkill building, 400 Westage Business Center.

Using Stairs: The best way to enter our Endoscopy Center is up the elevator to 2nd floor….we are located on your left hand.

Using Elevator: If you choose to use the stairs, go up the stair…to your right is the Endoscopy Center.




For all questions and inquiries, please contact Hudson Valley Endoscopy Center at (845) 896-3636