Patient Responsibility - Digestive Disease Center
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Patient Responsibility

The patient has the responsibility to provide, to the best of his/her knowledge, complete and accurate information about his/her current medical condition and past medical history, including past illnesses, prior hospitalizations, previous test results, current medications, allergies, and all other health-related matters.

The patient has the responsibility to follow the instructions and recommended treatment plan prescribed by his / her medical practitioner.

The patient has the responsibility to notify the medical staff immediately in case any unexpected problems or changes occur in his/her medical condition.

The patient has the responsibility to keep all appointments and arrive promptly for their office visit. He/she should notify the office staff at least 24 hours in advance if unable to keep the appointment for any reason. At that time, the patient should also reschedule.

The patient is responsible for confirming if the physician you are seeing is participating with your insurance plan. Please contact your insurance company regarding eligibility, referrals, and/or authorizations that may be needed for your procedure/appointment. You are responsible for obtaining referrals from your PCP (Primary Care Provider) for your appointment/procedure. Patient plans vary dramatically, and although we would like to, we are unable to know the details of your particular plan. For your own benefit, please notify your insurance company of all services you are scheduled for, where they are being performed, and the name of any labs that may be used. Your insurance company will let you know what your responsibility is regarding payment.