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A Gluten Free Vacation

I recently went away with my family to Cape Cod and Mystic Connecticut. The trip was fun!swimming in the pool, going to pirate museums and the Mystic Seaport was a blast with my kids. What was a little nerve wracking was eating out constantly. My husband worried that I would find nothing to eat or get contaminated somehow and wind up sick most of the trip. What was a breath of fresh air was how knowledgeable everyone was at restaurants in both locations.
Our one time favorite restaurant in Cape Cod, Captain Parkers was a nail biter . I walked in, longed for their clam chowder that I know I can no longer have and sat down at dinner with friends. prepared to be that person who asks a million questions and annoys the waiter by the end of the night. What I got was a delicious meal all gluten free and when ordering an item the wait staff happily went back to ask the chef if it was gluten free or not.
Later that night my husband ( this was a working vacation for him), who was playing a gig at the bar in our hotel saw our waiter and thanked him for the help with dinner. The waiter went on to explain to my husband that there is a big push for education on food allergies/ intolerances in the area. It is always good as a foodie but food sufferer to know that restaurants are educating their staff.
In Mystic, I was greeted with an entire gluten free menu, and happily devoured every delicious bite of my meal. Suffering from food intolerances or allergies is always a difficlt situation when traveling. I went on this trip preapred to survive on peanut butter, gluten free crackers and fruit. Instead I was dining with my family and friends and savoring every last bite.

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