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Back to School Breakfast

As we put our kids on their buses tomorrow, shed our tears and also a little tug of happiness it is important that we start their day with a good healthy breakfast. One task we need to do every morning is breakfast. I use the word task because sometimes that is just what it is trying to get your kids to eat. It can feel like the worst chore begging and pleading with them to please eat before leaving the house.

As the old saying goes breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there cannot be a more truer statement. Many kids have shown to improve concentration skills and perform better when a healthy breakfast is consumed. Yet, this task gets even harder with the word healthy. We shouldn’t give our kids just anything and using some of the “breakfast” items that are around today (and i use the word breakfast very loosely with some of these items) will leave our kids feeling more tired and hungry than if they didn’t have anything at all. From toaster strudel, pop tarts to cereals that promise whole grain goodness there is no wonder why we are a nation suffering from childhood obesity. These items are a sugar trap and leave your kids feeling more tired as the day progresses. Instead try fruit, cheerios, yogurt, homemade pancakes or waffles with fruit, eggs, frittatas, peanutbutter and apple, cheese and fruit. The possibilities are endless. Always make sure that they are having fiber and protein in the morning in my moto. This will give them healthy natural energy and more likely to concentrate on school rather than their rumbling tummies.

Looking for a way to help your children eat healthy? In October We will be launching our Keep It Healthy for Life Kids Edition. Please call our office to reserve a spot for your children as space is limited.

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