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Because Life Happens

I know it’s difficult to eat healthy daily, things get in the way, kids activities, work, social life. We all have our excuses, but planning ahead can save our health. My family and I try to eat healthy most days, but like everyone else life happens. We have a big extended family, I am the youngest of four so family get togethers are frequent. We also both work, with my husband not only working but playing in a band. I know there are many days when I just can’t find the time to plan, and that is when the doorbell rings and pizza is for dinner.
What I have discovered from being a wife and mom is planning is key. It helps to know what I have to come home and make that night for dinner and what is for breakfast and lunch the next day. This is when a day of planning and meal prep as well as utilizing leftovers makes life a lot easier.
I try to have one day a week for meal prep. This is when I make mostly proteins and some side dishes for the rest of the week. I will make baked chicken, chili, a stir fry and know that I have some fall back meals. I don’t use these items every night, but on nights when we are running late and “life happens” I know that I have a back up in the fridge. Having these items on hand also gives me a chance to spend time with my boys after a long day. This is time instead of cooking I am able to help with homework, play a game or sometimes just relax together.
These nights I make sure that I have easy vegetables to make on hand. Steam in a bags are a great life saver for me, they are quick and easy and ready in less than 5 minutes. I also utilize can beans, they can be stewed, or put into a soups and are also ready in less than 15 minutes.
Yes, life does “happen”, we want to be able to enjoy life and spend time with our special little bundles of joy. Not spend hours in the kitchen at night after a long day at work. Try planning and having a few make ahead items when life gets crazy. It will allow you that precious time in the evening and it may even feel like some days you get a break without sacrificing your health.

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