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Bone Broth is it all a hype?

Bone broth is a hot topic right now! While it is a new food trend right now, people have actually been making and cooking with bone broth for decades. Have you been seeing bone broth being promoted as a food product that has tons of health benefits. Some articles suggest that bone broth is good for inflammation, joint strength, soothes digestive issues. While some people treat a cup of bone broth like they do a cup of chicken soup for soothing a sore throat, there is little to no scientific research that promotes the other health claims.
Bone broth is made from taking bones from animal products and putting them in a pot of water and letting it simmer all day. Some people add different spices, vinegars etc. to it. The bone consist of collagen, cartilage, bone marrow. After heating it and letting it simmer many of those vitamins and minerals that you think it contains are destroyed by the heat. While drinking bone broth isn’t necessarily “bad,” it probably isn’t doing anything more or different than drinking a cup of soup would. The best thing to do is make and simmer a bone broth on your stove top, and then enjoy it in your chicken vegetable soup.

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