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Breaking Bad Habits

Bad day at the office and you find yourself reaching for that cookie or piece of chocolate.Parent teacher night not going as planned and the chips come out. Your favorite TV show is on and your suddenly the refrigerator is calling your name. These extra calories do not have to be permanent residents To your waistline. We can banish them by eliminating these bad habits.
When we are trying to ward off unwanted pounds temptation is at every corner. We tend to gravitate towards food to soothe us when we are stressed, to relax us at an end of the day or to reward ourselves for a good day. Whatever the reason, we are having a relationship with food that can quickly go from bad to worst. We need to look to change these habits so they do not have a negative effect on our goals.
When you find yourself stressed look for a different way to destress yourself rather than your comfort foods. Go for a walk or jog, vent to a friend or family member and yes maybe even have a good cry but don’t justify your woes to mean all food is a green light.
If you had a great day at work or school don’t reward yourself or your children with ice cream. This is also a bad presidence to set for our children. Food should not be used as a reward system because before long we are rewarding ourselves several times a week. Lastly let’s look at boredom. Most patients I speak with can attest that when they have a night time binge it can be due to boredom. Instead of reaching for the bag of chips reach for a book instead, or take yourself out of the situation that is triggering this reaction. Food is there to nourish and feed our bodies we then need to look elsewhere for what can nourish and feed our souls. These tips can help you stay on track during a stressful times to prevent us from ruining our weight loss goals. Together we can break these bad habits for good.

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