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Finding the time

I have to say one of the hardest things that I find with having two kids, especially one that is 8 months old is finding the time to exercise. Like everyone there are days when I know it is just not possible no matter how early I get up or late I stay up. With nightmares, night time feedings and just some days being too tired, life sure can get in the way of trying to keep my exercise goals. I know that I feel 100% more energized the days I exercise, but finding that extra half hour throughout the day can be difficult. There are many days everyone wishes there were more hours in the day to fit in all we need to do. With work, kids activities and just trying to keep the house in order there really is never enough time. But I do think exercise is important and am making an effort recently to exercise daily, Many clients know that I preach to get up a little early and try to fit in their daily routine, I know it’s hard from experience so I get the days it just doesn’t happen. What I do find helpful is having a plan for my morning the days I do fit in exercise. Having breakfast planned for me and the kids can be very helpful in saving time in the morning to allow the extra “me” time for exercise. Below is a breakfast ideas that can really be a lifesaver at times.

Cold oatmeal I know this may sound gross but it’s actually really good and most people I tell about this love this idea of getting your oatmeal ready the night before!

Egg cups or Frittata: these items are also a time saver in the morning, you can make them the night before or a few days before. Keep them in the fridge and heat them for a quick nutritious breakfast!

Smoothie: I always love a smoothie and depending on the blender you have it can be ready in seconds. Add some greek yogurt and flax seeds for a higher protein and fiber content.

All of these breakfast can be made for yourself or your kids. I know some mornings kids can be picky son I know for my 4 year old I always have unsweetened applesauce on hand as well as granola bars in case he is in an especially picky mood.

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