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Finding the Time to Meet this Year’s Exercise Goals

I have been an avid runner since my college years. I never ran for a team, it was just how I coped with stress at the time and loved the feel of the pavement on my feet. Since then I have ran through all of my pregnancies and just completed my first half marathon. I know everyone on the planet does not enjoy running as much as I do. They don’t look forward to running in the morning be it on a treadmill or on the street. They don’t feel like a part of them is missing on days they don’t run. Exercise, just like diet is not one size fits all. Not everyone will click with running, using the elliptical, swimming and many other activities. This is where the tech industry is lending a hand. In the past I have come across different Apps to work out with. My criteria is small, it needs to be easy to use and it needs to be free.
A few weeks ago I was introduced to a workout app from a client. They said they had a difficult time with 2 children fitting in going to the gym. They found the App called keep trainer and thought I should give it a try. I signed up for it, knowing many other clients would benefit from having something right at home and I was not disappointed! The app let’s you tailor your goals and it sends messages to you throughout the day reminding you to get your workout in. The App will also keep you accountable by kicking you out of the program if you miss a day, resulting in you starting the program from the beginning.
If it is your new year’s resolution to get fit than you now have no excuse. Hit the pavement, use your exercise equipment, go to the gym or now use your smartphone to meet your goals. We have many options literally at our fingertips to assist ourselves in being the healthiest “you” in the new year.

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