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First Kids Class a Success

We had a great day at our first Keep It Healthy for Life Kids Edition! We learned about My Plate, how many fruits and vegetables we should consume in a day and we also exercised with and without our parents. I loved that during exercising we heard laughing and giggling which only proves that for kids exercise can be fun. At the end of class we than tried different vegetables sugar snap peas, fennel, mini peppers, celery, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I was happy to see all the veggies go and parents asking where I got some of these vegetables that their kids actually ate. We paired these veggies with cucumber greek yogurt dill dip and avocado salsa verde. Both were well received. Next month we are focusing on school lunches. I know it is a struggle that some parents go through daily “what do i send to school with my child that’s healthy” I’ve learned by speaking with a lot of children that not only does lunch need to be healthy but it also needs to be quick since some kids are reporting only getting 15 minutes to eat their lunch. 15 minutes to fit in all the food groups or atleast protein, vegetables and fruit that may be tough. Next class we will be developing a month of healthy lunch ideas and going on a mile walk. Hope you can make it!

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