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First Weight loss Seminar!!!

It’s been a busy week here at Digestive Disease Center. We kicked it off with our first ever weight loss seminar, we had a great turnout. The topic of the night was fiber and MyPlate as well as getting motivated to exercise in the winter months.

I am looking forward to our next meeting on November 5th at 5:30 in our Fishkill office. New members are welcome, but bring your sneakers I have an answer to exercising in the winter months!

Over the weekend we were out Meadowbrook farms promoting the teal pumpkin project and handing out farm fresh recipes.

When discussing weight loss I stressed the importance of fiber in the diet. The need to increase our fruits and vegetables to add more fiber and the idea that fiber aid in satiety. Attached are some handouts that were discussed at the first meeting as well as recipes that will pack a high fiber punch.

Come to our next meeting and find out how to add more protein and less carb to your diet as a vegetarian. Also skinny gluten free ideas, and fitting in exercising in the upcoming winter months. I hope everyone can make it!

Peter is enjoying the Pumpkin patch at meadowbrook farms


Explaining the difference 400 calories can make!




Peter and Theresa McArtin handing out farm fresh recipes at the farm


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