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Goal Setting

Goal setting is very important as the summer draws near. A lot of us would like to look spectacular on the beach. At our weight loss support group this week we discussed goals for the summer and how we can achieve these goals. Some of us had a goal of weight loss while others just wanted to continue the path that was started. We all discussed ways that we can maintain these goals. It was a great discussion and I was glad to hear everyone’s answers and how upbeat everyone was. One thing we did discuss was being held accountable. With the arrival of my baby drawing near we will not be holding another weight loss support group till September. This does not mean we can’t still keep each other motivated. Our facebook page keep it healthy for life is a good way for us all to stay connected to each other. We discussed posting motivational quotes and letting each other know of our progress. This group is not just for the weight loss support group anyone who feels that they need support can benefit. Please feel free to join and let’s help each other stay motivated this summer. Log on to facebook and search in groups keep it healthy for life! Let’s have a healthy and happy summer!

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