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Healing Powers of Mom’s Chicken Soup

Everyone talks about the healing powers of chicken soup. We all remember when we were little coming down with a cold and our moms saying “have some chicken soup”. Is there any validity to this? Does mom’s chicken soup contain the ultimate cold remedy? New research has emerged that chicken broth does have anti-inflammatory benefits. What is in this magic elixir that makes it so beneficial when we are sick?
Let’s break this soup down by ingredients. Carrots in chicken soup contain beta-carotene and celery contains vitamin c. Both help to increase our immune system to help fight infection. Chicken, in our well named chicken soup contains cysteine an amino acid that helps to thin mucus in the lungs making it a natural expectorant. When dicing up onions for this soup you are also dishing up antihistamines. Just like when we take benadryl to help cure our stuffy nose. Try to not add too much salt you may want to reconsider as salt in this soup acts as a disinfecting agent when going down your throat same as gargling with salt water.
Normally when we are sick the doctor always says to drink plenty of fluids. Chicken soup can help fit that bill. The idea is to flush the system when we are sick. The abundance of chicken broth makes that happen. Steam coming off this elixir also aids in clearing the sinuses.
So next time you are suffering from the common cold put on a pot of chicken soup. It will comfort you as well as aid in healing your common cold.

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