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Hidden Sources of Gluten and a Black Bean Burger

We had a great day at Earthgoods in Hyde park yesterday! I want to thank Earthgoods for having us! Gluten free was the topic of discussion and we discussed why some gluten free products are loaded with fats and sugar at times, with a lot more calories. As well as how to find hidden sources of gluten on a food label and in your diet.
Words like Natural flavorings, maltodextrin and oats are a few of the words under scrutiny and if these words actually mean a product is gluten free. Some attendees were not aware of farming techniques that are used to grow oats and that yearly they are rotated with wheat. Others were in awe with Natural Flavoring on a food label and in shock when I said we don’t know what that really means, although if they do use wheat it has to be labeled.
When asked “what do I eat that’s healthy” it was natural whole foods that fit the bill. Foods like eggs, fruits, vegetables, quinoa and beans all these foods that are naturally gluten free.
In the end the Black Bean Burger won the hearts of all. Here is the recipe enjoy! I spiced it up a little by adding some roasted garlic.
Join us this wednesday at 5:30 in our fishkill office when we will be discussing colon health!

Gluten Free Black Bean Burger

1 16 oz canned black beans rinsed
½ red bell pepper, diced
½ onion, diced
1 egg
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp hot sauce
½ cup GF breadcrumbs

In a bowl mash black beans with a fork or emersion blender. Stir onions and peppers into bean mixture. Next add egg, breadcrumbs and spices. Mix well. Form into patties. Place on a preheated pan and cook for about 8 minutes on each side.

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