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Hidden Sugars, When is a Food Really Good for you?

Hidden sugars are everywhere! It’s scary how many items in our regular food supply that are marketed as healthy items are ladened with sugar. Yogurt, granola bars, tomato sauce all of these products which have the potential to be a health power houses have sugars hidden everywhere. I scouted out some of the more “healthy” options and found that these options were not so healthy. Nature valley granola bars contained 12g of added sugar with sugar being the third ingredient on their list. Kind bars are also on the list providing 13g of added sugar with honey and apple juice on their ingredient list. Think you’re beating the added sugar by picking up a yogurt, depending on the kind you may be falling into the sugar trap. Chobani fruit at the bottom providing 13g of sugar and evaporated cane juice being the second ingredient.
It is easy falling for the sugar trap but How much is too much? And how to we scout out these added sugar items? Look at your ingredient, I can’t stress the importance of this. If sugar , high fructose corn syrup, honey apple juice are listed as one of the first 3 ingredients than the added sugar content of this product will be higher. Whole foods are always best and when possible make it yourself. I even found sugar added in taco seasoning mix,! Want to find out more about this sugar dilemma join us this Wednesday as we discuss hidden sugars in our monthly lecture series keep it healthy for life. 5:30 Mid Hudson regional hospital conference room A

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