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How to Handle the Candy Overhaul

Happy Halloween everyone! As we are out trick or treating tonight with our kids or eating the Halloween candy for the trick or treaters that we bought remember candy can and will go to our waist line when consumed in excess and try and give it away as best you can. My husband made a joke that we get to go trick or treating tomorrow and then you get rid of all the candy at night. I think this year since my son is in kindergarten I will try a different attempt and tell him that he is allowed to keep a few pieces but if he places the candy on the kitchen table, in the morning a present will be left for him. I know this may sound harsh and why would I throw is candy out. I’m not what I will do is donate the rest of his candy. The reality is he gets too much candy and should not be consuming the amount he normally receives in 6 months let alone one week which is what kids try to do. I love Halloween, I really do it is one of my favorite holidays but the tough part comes when we need to decide what to do with all the Halloween candy we have in our house. We as parents don’t want our kids to think that they can eat this daily, but we also want to teach them moderation. That is why this year he will keep some candy that I will put in a place he can’t reach. Once in awhile he will get the candy and only a few pieces at a time.

However you handle your child’s candy haul this year, remember it is always good to start to teach them moderation. Enjoy trick or treating with the little ones!

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