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National Nutrition Month!!

We are almost halfway through March 2017 and halfway through National Nutrition month! Have you been thinking about wanting to eat healthier or live a healthier lifestyle but haven’t really done anything do it. Well this year’s national nutrition month is geared towards educating and giving people the knowledge to make informed lifestyle decisions that can affect their long term health, and is titled “Put you Best Fork Forward.” While we are only two and half months into 2017, time is the time to think about dietary patterns, exercise regimen and make improvements to have a healthy 2017 and and beyond!
Some dietary patterns that you could make or improve on are aiming to make half your plate vegetables and some fruit, use intuitive eating to monitor satiety and fullness, swap the calorie filled beverages with water, or seltzer, aim to replace the processed grains with 100% whole grains. Become familiar and consume more often nutrient dense foods than foods that will leave us hungry in 30 minutes with zero nutrients.
In honor of National Nutrition Month, I challenge you to try a new fruit or vegetable each week for the rest of the month of March!

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