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Navigating your Holidays with IBS

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a condition categorized by a group of symptoms that occur together. These symptoms can range from repeated constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits and or bloating. These symptoms occur often with IBS and without visible signs of damage or disease in your digestive tract.
These symptoms can not only wreak havoc on your digestive system but can also impact your social life especially around the holidays. Family gatherings can leave you wondering if you will have an attack or will you even be able to make it.
With the holidays comes all of the rich food and desserts. While parties, alcohol and desserts can be a big concern for your waist line it also can be a concern for those suffering from IBS.
If you suffer from IBS and are dreading this holiday season join us on tonight Wednesday the 29th at 5:30pm at 159 Barnegat Rd Poughkeepsie to learn how to navigate this holiday season.

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