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Organic and Grass Fed the Myths

Join us Wednesday April 12th for a discussion on organic meats and grass fed meats!

Being concerned and knowledgeable about the type of meats we are eating is important. This all comes back to the farms and how the animals are raised and fed. In order for a meat product to have the label “USDA organic,” the farms must meet a set of standards and are inspected every year to make sure they are doing so. Some of the standards include feeding the animals only organic food which must not contain animal byproducts, genetically engineered grains, antibiotics for the animals. The land must also be organic. We will talk more about the standards at the lecture.

Another term we see on meats is grass fed. Now this does not mean organic. This simply means that the animals are only fed grass, hay, and forage. This also doesn’t mean that pesticides weren’t used on the grass or that the animals were not given antibiotics.

As you can see, organic and grassfed are multifactorial and will be discussed in length next Wednesday evening.

So, join us next Wednesday to learn more about organic meat, grass fed meats and what that all means for your health.

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