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Our New Year’s Resolutions

As we kick off 2020 we all are looking at our new year’s resolution. Many of us think that this is the time to start our diets and go to the gym, thinking that this new year will be different. As I am writing this and thinking about what my resolution is (to write my blog post more consistently and amp up my game) I am also thinking that I hope it sticks. This is when we should start asking ourselves this question. Can we see ourselves continuing our new year’s resolution until next year? Or have we set ourselves up for failure and will only stick with our goals for a month until February rolls around and life again gets in the way.
This is why this year I think we need to evaluate the goals that we are making. Make a goal that is attainable on a day to day basis regarding fitness and nutrition. If it’s your goal to get fit, figure out how you can do that in your day to day life without it being so difficult that the littles hurdle that arises you will give up. Even it its going to the gym for 20 minutes, it’s better than not going at all! Maybe your goal is to cook more at home, instead of saying you will do this everyday say you will do this two or three days a week. This year instead of making a months resolution make a resolution that makes it to 2021.

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