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ShopRite Tour

In addition to some of my lectures at work I also do support groups one of these support groups is for weight loss and last night we did a grocery store tour at our local ShopRite in Poughkeepsie, NY.

I’m the first one to say that I get duped sometimes by marketing. I know I’m a dietitian but I’m not perfect. I have a busy schedule, and am usually fighting a one year old trying to get out of the grocery store in one piece. I have bought the wrong waffles without looking, or grabbed the wrong box of cereal, fooled into thinking there might be less sugar without looking at the package. I’ve learned my lesson and try my best to ensure that when I’m buying different items that they are healthier than their marketed counterparts.

On our grocery store tour we looked at different products including cereals, one being Raisin Bran which had 18g of sugar per serving. Another was honey nut Cheerios which had 11g of sugar compared to regular Cheerios that had 1 gram of sugar.

We also took a sneak peak at breads and discussed the need to look at whole grains on the ingredient label as well as added sugars in the product. A good rule of thumb and to avoid marketing ploys. When buying whole grain bread, make sure that wheat flour or enriched wheat flour are not the first ingredients. Instead opt for a product that states whole grain ingredients first.

If you ever have time to take a grocery store tour with at your local store I would highly suggest it. It is very informative and will help you to better navigate your local store and ensure that you are not getting duped by clever marketing. Until next time

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