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Soups on!

With the thermostat reading 2 degrees out this morning, I was happy when I reached for my thermos at lunchtime for my soup. The hot steam pouring out of the top was warm and inviting. My root vegetable chicken soup was delicious and hit the spot on this cold winter day!
Some may think that Im crazy when we talk about soup as a meal or soup as a snack but soup can be a much more satisfying snack than that granola bar that is loaded with additives and sugar. Soup can be a persons lifeline in the afternoon, consuming a homemade vegetable soup over a vending machine treat will have your waistline thanking you. Even sipping on broth on the car ride home can leave you feeling satisfied than slugging that third cup of coffee.
Before you make the jump into having more soups in your life invest in a good thermos for work that will keep it hot all day. Avoid lots of starch like pasta and rice. Focus on adding vegetables, protein and even some complex carbohydrates like beans can be a great filling addition. Below is a recipe for my amazing root vegetable chicken soup.

1 chicken carcass meat removed ( i normally use the leftover from a roasted chicken dinner the night before)
3 carrots diced
4 stalks celery diced
2 parsnips shredded
1 turnip shredded
1 bunch parsley chopped
Salt and pepper to taste.

Place bones of chicken in a cheese cloth and tie off. Next place meat and vegetables in a pot and cover with 12 cups of water. Cook for 2 hours. Salt and pepper to taste.

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