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Tales of a Gluten Free Traveler: Pizza Uno

Eating out can always be intimidating when you’re gluten free. You don’t want to be a pain for the waitress and you also want to make sure that the waitress understands that being gluten free is not a choice but a necessity. I was visiting my mom for her birthday over the weekend and she decided to take my almost kindergartener to get new shoes for school (can’t believe on her birthday that she would want to take a 4 year old for school shoes but she is a great grandma). After shoe shopping we decided to go to lunch and Pizza Uno was right next store. I was a little leary but thought I could at least get a salad. I was shocked to find that they had a whole GF menu! I ordered a GF veggie pizza and hoped it would be good. It was delicious! Not only was it delicious but they brought the dish out separate from my son’s pizza. I always want to know if people understand the severity of others food intolerances or allergies and the waitress said so it will not get cross contaminated. I was so happy that a resturant would take the extra step and educate their staff on abiding by GF practices.

Not only was my GF experience good, but my son got homemade play-doh to play with at the table as well as the usual crayons and paper. For a family and GF restaurant this gets a gold star from me.

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