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The Fitness tracker hype

Fitbit, a simple device used to track your steps? Or the technology to help meet your goals? Whether it be a Fitbit, Iphone watch or whatever the electronic device maybe that you wear as the new piece of “fashionable” jewelry. One can’t help but wonder do these devices actually help you to be more active?
A recent article in the times reports that there is no link to increase in exercise and wearing the latest activity tracker. It further goes on to point out that even a cash incentive did not motivate participants enough to be more active.
Another article reported on NPR linked fitness trackers and losing less weight. What! How is this possible? The study related this event to seeing the calories expended using the fitness tracker and thus participants increasing the total caloric intake for the day.
Why all the hype with the newest fitness accessories? If they show that they do not increase our physical activity they and have been related to increase our weight? In this writer’s opinion I love a good competition and that is what wearing my fitness tracker gives me. Competition. I feel accomplished when I meet my goals and ecstatic when it tells me I have exceeded them. I can see why the extra calorie intake could happen. In the morning the tracker will tell you you already have 400 kcal to burn. Also if you do not reach your steps on a daily basis the tracker can make you feel like you are a failure and than lead you to give up on your weight loss goals. These devices should be used for tracking your steps and competing with yourself and others in your fitness community. In my opinion it helps to keep me motivated but like any piece of technology it depends upon the person. If you are a person that is motivated to get fit and healthy I believe that it is a great tool!

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