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The Truth Behind Seltzer

Many people ask me if seltzer is just as hydrating as water? With the seltzer industry boasting a whopping 1.5 billion dollars, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to know the truth behind this sparkling beverage.
Sparkling water sales have increased over the years, but many myths have arisen over the potential “harmful effects” seltzer can have. Are these myths true? Does seltzer erode your teeth, dehydrate you and is bad for your bones? The answers may shock you.
Seltzer or sparkling water is getting a bad wrap and like most items in the health industry it’s hard to distinguish truth from myth. Let’s shed some light on this beverage together.
Seltzer erodes your teeth- Truth or Myth, if you guessed myth you are right and wrong. It all depends on the type of seltzer you drink and I don’t mean brand. The carbonation process creates carbonic acid, which has a pH a little lower than tap water. However flavored sparkling water can have an acidity level on par with fruit juice. Sparkling water can have an effect on your teeth but it is no worse than having a glass or orange juice minus the sugar.
Seltzer can dehydrate you- This is a complete myth, seltzer water does not have a dehydrating effect on the body. Seltzer water actually does the exact opposite, it hydrate you! According to the research drinking sparkling water can be just as hydrating as drinking regular water. If you are looking to add a little fizz to you day drink up.
Sparkling water can leach calcium from your bones- I honestly don’t know where this started but there is no evidence suggesting that sparkling water makes your bones weaker. And as always its a better alternative than juice or soda. There is evidence that the phosphoric acid found in cola can have this effect but it is not from the carbonation.
Now that we have dispelled a few myths you can now indulge in your sparkling water guilt free this summer.

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