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Time Management: Ways To Stay Focused On You

Time management is something I struggle with as a mom, having three kids all under the age of 8 can make it difficult to manage time wisely. This can be work time, family time, time for exercise and time for leisure. I do have to say I have been getting better at these things as the years have been going on by using one strategy my mom taught me. Make a list. I make a list on what I want to feed my family, I make a list of the kids activities, family events, etc. Here are some tips I hope can help you to feel a little less stress at the beginning of the school year. Being less stressed can help us stay focused on our health goals.

1. Make a list of all events that week preferably in a calendar. I have a white board set up in our kitchen that has a list of all activities and schedules going on this week.

2. Make a meal plan. Of course the dietitian in me wants to have take out the least amount of nights as possible that is why I make a meal plan of what is on the menu that week. Nights that I know maybe late I have a meal such as a casserole or crockpot meal prepared ahead of time.

3. Make time to relax. This is important because we all need to recharge. Try and make the time to charge up your batteries. It will help to keep you less stressed and better able to be there for your family.
Make the time to exercise. Exercise can help us destress, it’s also a big part in a healthy lifestyle. Workouts, even a 30 minute walk are important. Put this on the calendar as an appointment that can’t be missed.

I’ve learnt over the years that helping to keep yourself organized can also help you to stay focused on your own goals be it health or other. This year let’s lead into the school year with organization on the brain.

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