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Troubles of a Healthy Traveler

Traveling on the road can be a fun experience, long trips can bring a family closer together and can have you seeing the world through new eyes. Stopping to eat on the road is not as easy, especially when you are trying to eat healthy or have food allergies or intolerances to worry about. Recently my husband and I took our two little boys on a road trip to Virginia and South Carolina. I thought it would be difficult to handle a 10 month old and a 4 year old in a car (I really thought we might be crazy to attempt this), but the hardest part was finding healthy items to eat!
We drove from New York to South Carolina and the hardest part was having enough snack items in the car that wouldn’t make me feel sick. Cheese and nuts were my friends. Eating out was also difficult trying to figure out which restaurants I could go to. I should have been smarter about it and planned ahead or at least brought more food I knew was safe for me. This is what I tell patients to do when traveling!
So if you are planning a road trip and have food intolerances, allergies or are just trying to eat healthy make sure you pack enough items in your car. Also some of the bigger road stops did have fresh fruit and cheese available. It is a good idea as well though to pack a cooler bag with ice pack to help you on your trip. Also bring any dry goods in a bag that you can have as well. I also wished I researched restaurants near where we were staying. That way I would have been better prepared and had an idea of safe places to eat. Healthy travels!

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