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With Snow We Need An Immune Boost!

Nutrition for a Healthy Immune System

After this week’s winter storm, I would say we are ready for Spring! Although Spring is right around the corner, we do have some cold winter weather left. We want to make sure we keep our immune system the strongest it can be. Maintaining an adequate level of vitamin C (about 75-100 mg daily) with adequate fruits and vegetables consumption. Foods such as citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, spinach all have immune boosting power. To help fight infections, increase your zinc intake. This can be done by consuming fish, eggs, milk, whole grains. Adequate fluid intake, adequate sleep and regular exercise are also very important during the winter months as well.

For a variety of reasons, we tend to overeat in the winter. So paying close attention and not going overboard or underboard with food will help to maintain a healthy immune system and a healthy weight.

There is not one food product that will prevent the common cold, the flu, or an infection but maintaining a healthy immune system and healthy body will help prevent it or ease the symptoms of these things.

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