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Capsule Endoscopy

Northern Medical Group Gastroenterology Division


If you have signs of an intestinal health problem, you might need a capsule endoscopy to diagnose your condition. Northern Medical Group Gastroenterology Division, with offices in Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, and Highland, New York, offers convenient capsule endoscopies to evaluate your health and ensure you get the best treatment for your condition. Call the practice today or make an appointment online if you have any signs of a gastrointestinal disorder and want comprehensive and compassionate care.

Capsule Endoscopy Q & A

Capsule Endoscopy

What is capsule endoscopy?

Capsule endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure that allows your physician to examine the middle of your digestive tract, including the three parts of your small intestine: the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. 

The test is minimally invasive. You simply swallow a small video camera — it's about the size of a pill — that records video while it's in your digestive tract. You wear a small recording device during the test to record the transmissions from the capsule camera. 

What conditions does capsule endoscopy diagnose?

The board-certified gastroenterologists at Northern Medical Group Gastroenterology Division use capsule endoscopy to diagnose various intestinal health issues, including:

  • Crohn's disease
  • Cancer
  • Celiac disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Polyps 

Your physician might suggest a capsule endoscopy if you have unexplained gastrointestinal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, unintended weight loss, or abnormal bowel movements. 

How should I prepare for a capsule endoscopy?

Your doctor provides detailed preparation instructions before your capsule endoscopy. In general, you should have nothing to eat or drink for 12 hours before your test. They also might recommend a bowel prep before the test. 

You should also ensure your doctor knows about any medications, vitamins, or supplements that you regularly take, as well as any allergies or other medical conditions. 

What should I expect during capsule endoscopy?

Your doctor begins with a brief consultation and exam to ensure it's safe to have the test. Then, they attach the recording device to your abdomen with an adhesive patch. Finally, you swallow the capsule endoscope. 

The capsule moves through your digestive tract and sends video to the recording device on your abdomen. The test lasts for around eight hours, although you can drink clear liquids two hours after swallowing the endoscope and a light meal after four hours. 

The test shouldn't cause any discomfort, and you should excrete the capsule naturally. You can return to most of your regular activities after swallowing the endoscope, but you should avoid strenuous physical activity during the study. 

How long does it take to get the results of capsule endoscopy?

Northern Medical Group Gastroenterology Division has an in-office endoscopy center at its Fishkill location. That allows the team to review your results rapidly, usually getting back to you in less than a week. 

Call Northern Medical Group Gastroenterology Division today or make an appointment online if you need expert gastroenterological care, including diagnostic tests like capsule endoscopy.