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Gluten Free Mug Cake

I have done this recipe a ton and every time it fails to disappoint. It’s easy and also Paleo friendly if you are following that as well. All you need is 3 ingredients 1 banana, 1 egg, 2 tbsp cocoa powder. If you want to jazz it up add vanilla or some cinnamon for a […]

Join us for our Annual Celiac Walk

This weekend is our annual Celiac awareness walk!! Yay! I cannot wait to see all the vendors and walkers out. It is always a fun time to be out with everyone and chat about their stories, struggles and successes with Celiac Disease. Last year we had a great turnout and a fun time discussing different […]

Goal Setting

Goal setting is very important as the summer draws near. A lot of us would like to look spectacular on the beach. At our weight loss support group this week we discussed goals for the summer and how we can achieve these goals. Some of us had a goal of weight loss while others just […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there. I hope you are all having a nice and relaxing weekend! I know my little ones have been showering me with hugs and kisses. I know today is tough to think that it is spring with the rain and cold weather but tomorrow hopes to look […]

Iron rich Meatballs

I know we have been talking about iron a lot recently. From videos to blog posts we have had some serious iron rich discussions. This is mainly due to my recent life experience of being severely lacking in iron my last trimester of pregnancy and feeling the affects of this drastic dip. My energy level […]

Sheet Pan Meals

I had a great time recording our web video the other day! Hope you all enjoyed it! If you missed it please visit the link below. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to our channel to get an update on the next video. I feel like over the past few months I have […]