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Roasted Pepper and Chicken Tomato Soup

    Zucchinis abound in my garden this year! This is a great thing because I get to come up with a lot of interesting recipes. Today I made a pepper soup with garden vegetable and chicken. It was delicious and a hit with my kids and husband. We were at the Ulster County fair […]

Mocha wake up smoothie

  With three kids who has time to make breakfast for yourself? Who has time to eat it even if you found the time to make it? I can tell you not me! Charlie get your shoes on for the bus! peter get off the counter ano don’t throw that at your brother! These are […]

Summer Corn Chowder

Anyone who knows me or reads my posts can probably tell I love soup. I am one of “those people” that can eat soup on a 100 degree day. My son loves soup just as much as I do which makes dinner easy when it’s soup night. Today because it is a rainy day I […]

Pizza Rolls

To continue our camp Alex week I wanted to share a great lunch idea that you can make with your kids. This is quick and easy and can be made in many different ways. Pizza Stix. For the ingredients you will need pizza dough, one cheese stick and your favorite pizza topping. If you saw […]

Peanut butter Snails

This week was dubbed camp Alex week. Alex is my niece who was gracious enough to come and help keep my little ones occupied this week. All her life I have been teaching her recipes and how to cook and it is showing in the recipes she is creating. This week for Camp Alex she […]

Zucchini Gumbo

With the influx of zucchini this time of year, especially if your are a gardener it can sometimes be hard to think of a lot of new recipes. There is only so much zoodles and zucchini bread one can eat. Yet, this vegetable is very versatile and can be used in place of starches in […]