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Gluten Free Halloween Party

It’s finally here our all new Celiac Support Group of the Hudson Valley. We are launching this group off with a Halloween party for the family. This will be a time when kids can participate at a party and not worry if they can have the treats provided since all treats will be gluten free! […]

Potato Pancakes

Every mom knows the dilemma of having to make something for their child’s school. This week my son Charlie had heritage night and what country does he pick Scotland. I am not Scottish my husband is and I really did not know a lot of different Scottish dishes. After scouring the internet I found what […]

Mexican Quinoa Stew

This week is all about fiber, how fiber can help prevent disease as well as how it may help in our weight loss journey. We did not have a lot of time this week at our weight loss support group to discuss fiber and its many benefits. The discussion was great and lively this week. […]

What’s with Fiber?

We have all heard our doctors tell us to increase our dietary fiber and that it is a key component to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. In order to increase our fiber intake we have to know what it is, as well as what food sources contain fiber. Fiber is known as the roughage […]

Italian Crockpot Chicken

Dinners have been getting harder for us as a family. I know that for the most part I need them done ahead of time. With activities after school and all kids vying for attention there is not a lot of time when I get him from work to make meals. Today I came up with […]

IBS Support Group

I had a great time last week at our IBS Support Group! This group of ours meets monthly and we talk about everything from how we feel when our IBS gets in the way of life to new medication and diets. Last week we talked about all of the above and FODMAPS came up. For […]