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Foil wrapped meals

The temperature is reading 94 degrees outside! It is way too hot to cook! This is when our grills become very handy but who wants to stand outside in front of a grill in 90 degree temperatures? Not me! I will however heat my grill throw a package of foil wrapped food on it and […]

Leftover Rotisserie Chicken

It’s late you still have to get home and make the kids dinner and pizza is looking more and more tempting after working all day and bringing the kids to their activities. Wait there is a better option! Rotisserie Chicken! I have to say I used this on more than one occasion. Boil some rice […]

Let’s Get Fit!

I truly cannot wait till I can get back to exercising. I bounced back pretty quickly after my second but the third kid has been more of a challenge in regards to getting back to my old exercise routine. That is why I thought let’s all start to get healthy together! Why not I will […]

Breastfeeding Drama

As I am sitting here writing this I’m thinking of the arrival of my upcoming Baby girl and all the worries that come along with having kids. This is by no means my first, this child is actually my third with a 5 and half year old at home and 22 month old I know […]

Cornish Hen Recipe

My oldest son loves chicken and he do mean it’s his favorite food. He would rather have a roasted chicken than pizza for lunch. This week we are busy getting ready for our little girl’s arrival. My son craving a little more of mummy’s attention asked for a whole chicken. Now I know what you’re […]

Fresh Dill Dip

Its Summer and with summer comes BBQ’s, which means hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, macaroni salad. These items can be potential nightmares when you are trying to stick with your diet and health goals. That is why I always suggest to bring a healthy item with you. If you know you can stop at one […]