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A Gluten Free Vacation

I recently went away with my family to Cape Cod and Mystic Connecticut. The trip was fun!swimming in the pool, going to pirate museums and the Mystic Seaport was a blast with my kids. What was a little nerve wracking was eating out constantly. My husband worried that I would find nothing to eat or […]

A Week of Smoothies

I was recently speaking with a co-worker who reported that she was paying upwards of 8 dollars for a smoothie in the morning. A smoothie drinker myself I started to think of how much money a day that this could potentially add up to as well as the added sugars that can be in these […]

Stress Eating

Last night’s session of our weight loss support group was an animated discussion on Emotional eating or Stress eating. We discussed how this vicious cycle can sabotage our best intentions when trying to follow a healthy diet. Emotional eating or Stress eating, is using food to make yourself feel better. That is, eating to satisfy […]

Chicken oreganato

One pan meals are my favorite dish to prepare and from what I guess most parents favorite. They are easy to clean up and can be on the table in as little as thirty minutes. This one pan dish is a change to one of my mothers dishes. Although she did not use lemon and […]

Swap out your workout

At times we can get complacent in our exercise routines. This can leave our body at plateaus that we need to break. One way that I have seen to overcome this is changing our fitness routine. This can be as simple as adding in some weight training to our fitness schedules. Why does this occur […]

A Gluten Free Evening with Chef Coppedge

Tonight was a great night! We had CIA’s own chef Coppedge the Gluten Free Baker here discussing techniques for gluten free baking. A great time was had by all. If you missed it here are the talking points that were discussed. Chef made two different recipes, one was a recent recipe that he developed and […]