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Make It or Buy It

I am a person that loves to make and create different dishes for family and friends and that is no different for my 5 month old who just started getting a taste of some of mom’s creations (well his versions anyway). I love making baby food! there I said it. I like knowing what I […]

Make Ahead Meals

I get asked the question almost daily in practice how do we find the time to eat healthy? With everyone’s busy schedule, kids, and activities trying to find time can be a challenge. One weekly tradition I always tell everyone to put into place is make ahead meals. Set aside one day a week and […]

Veggies vs. Meat

As a registered dietitian I am often asked the question is it better to not eat meat? Should I become a vegan? The answer to these questions is, it depends on the individual. Are you a vegetarian for religious reasons? Are you becoming a vegan for humanitarian reasons? If not doing either one of these […]

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is coming and I’m sure your little ones are just as excited as mine are to trick or treat. Although Halloween is the holiday of candy and sweets, it is also the holiday that all moms fear because of the sugar overload. This year maybe start some new traditions with the following ideas. Switch […]

First Weight loss Seminar!!!

It’s been a busy week here at Digestive Disease Center. We kicked it off with our first ever weight loss seminar, we had a great turnout. The topic of the night was fiber and MyPlate as well as getting motivated to exercise in the winter months. I am looking forward to our next meeting on […]

The Ins and Outs of Spices

Another seminar down with “Lunch Box Lessons” it was a blast playing exercise ball with all the kids and Dr.Toyserkani! Thank you everyone for coming! The talk of the night was seasoning and ideas for different ways to use herbs and spices. Salt is hidden in a lot of premixed seasoning packets making it difficult […]